On November 8, 2017, Bijan Ghaisar was shot by the US Park Police, and we still don't know why he was killed

On November 8th, 2017, Bijan was involved in a minor fender bender on the GW Parkway in the suburbs of Washington DC. An uber driver had collided with Bijan’s car. Since the accident occurred on US park land, the accident response and investigation fell to the US Park Police. For unknown reasons, Ghaisar left the scene of the accident, and led the US Park Police on a stop-and-go chase that ended outside of US parkland but on the surface streets of southern Fairfax County, Virginia, where US Park Police approached Ghaisar’s car with weapons drawn, and ultimately shot him 9 times. Ghaisar, who was unarmed, lingered in a coma for several days, but died of his injuries.

Since that time, US Park Police have not explained what happened, or even the names of the officers involved in the shooting. A video of the shooting shot by Fairfax County police has since been released to the public. The FBI are now handling the investigation, but the family of the victim have resorted to suing the US Park Police for more information.

There will be a roadside candlelight vigil at the spot of the shooting tonight at 6pm local time.

Nov 4 : One year later, Virginia senator remembers Bijan Ghaisar, shot and killed by park police (LocalDVM.com)

Oct 23 : When cops are suspects, feds often take years to file charges (Washington Post)

Aug 9 : US Park Police chief confronted about deadly shooting of Bijan Ghaisar (DC Fox 5)

Jul 15 : Why won’t the Park Police explain why it shot and killed a man? (Washington Post)

Jan 24 : Video shows Park Police fired nine shots into Bijan Ghaisar’s Jeep at close range, killing him (Washington Post)



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