On Raiders of the Lost Ark's 40th anniversary, archaeologists dispel the movie's myths about their field

Me, too! :exploding_head:


Don’t get me started on that attempt to translate a format they clearly didn’t understand…

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Thankfully, after these movies tricked me into wanting to be an archaeologist, I actually visited a dig site and realized that it was much much too persnickety a field for me. Although I did get to see a skeleton…that was cool!

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Just throwing this out here.


Or as James’ Mock the Week colleague Frankie Boyle put it…

“A lot of you will be wondering why there are so many wonderful foreign treasures here in the British Museum. The answer is quite simple, really… Gun beats spear.”


Wait, how would Indy even know about the face-melting? He had his eyes closed the whole time! For all he knew the Nazis just put the lid back on the box and ran away.


And just an excuse to post Speed Archeology!

And how did he know when it was safe to open his eyes again?


Guns and of course the cunning use of flags…

For added colonisation context - at one point in my country the British landed on the South Island, literally called out on the beach to see if anyone was there (150,000+ sq kms island), then when there was no reply promptly planted a British flag and claimed this new “uninhabited” island as their own!

Source: Te Riri Pakeha (“The White Man’s Anger”) by Tony Simpson.


Thank you for the paranthetical support @moosemalloy, together for solidarity! :hugs:

(This post brought you you by left parenthetical, and their equally important sibling right parenthetical )

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I just read it. Fifteen was a compromise. The other two wanted eleven or twelve.

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