Why archeologists hate Indiana Jones


I’m assuming that this is Topical because a new Indiana Jones 5 picture will be released soon— christmas 2014, perhaps? Can’t wait. I’m so excited!

To be fair the movie lampshades how unscientific Indy acts by having him describe what archeology is to his students in the lecture scene and leaving it to the audience to notice how it doesn’t describe how we saw Indy act at all.


So marking occupation as archaeologist on my whip and handgun license applications won’t be a slam dunk accept?
Damn that is 300k down the drain.

Wait, there is such a thing as a whip license?


License to thrill!


Unfortunately, yes…
I got cited for an unlicensed whip when they found it during a routine stop to check my spats permit.


Allow me to correct your headline:

"Archeologists Hate Him! Local Professor defeats Nazis using this 1 weird old artifact."


Hmmmm… I can see why you got pulled over. With spats, you’re supposed to use a riding crop.


Any profession as depicted by Hollywood will be wildly inaccurate, loved by the layman and reviled by the professional.

If there isn’t already a law like that, there should be.

Relevant for IT:

(hint, just press keys randomly and I would suggest, wildly on your keyboard and pretend you’re Sandra Bullock in “The net”.


If my knowledge of comic book stores is correct, which it is, then this guy is dead on accurate:


Before reading the article, I would have guessed it was because Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a pile of shite.


Indiana Jones and the HIp Replacement of Medical Tourism?


Indiana Jones and the Actual Archeology!

*3 hours of Harrison Ford picking dirt off of nondescript pottery fragments one speck at a time.


don’t be silly. Harrison Ford won’t be in it, except as a father figure to the new Indiana Jones, played by Shia LaBeouf


I just want to know why they stopped making hats with crowns that tall. Us high forehead type guys are tired of our hats pressing against the top of our noggins and smooshing our mohawks.

OK, also, more on-topic: I once briefly visited the home of a guy in Washington, DC who had (what he claimed were) priceless mesopotamian artifacts made into novelty furniture. Like, his coffee table was a carved stone altar from Ur with a slab of glass on it, for example. His end-tables were cut-down bull statues. All the stuff looked real to me, and quite beautiful… although granted I am not any sort of expert.

Archeologists might hate Indiana Jones for his plundering but I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch of the imagination to believe an American Archeology professor in the early 20th century, when properly appointed, would “save” artifacts from the Germans.

Actually from the clickbait headline I thought this man of science would take up an objection with the magic/mysticism interlaced throughout this cinematic fictional series.

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Someone needs to read the initial meeting notes setting up Indy’s character: http://cinearchive.org/post/97154800905/upon-the-first-story-meeting-with-steven-spielberg

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What a great line:

"“True, the Nazis were trying to find the Ark of the Covenant so they could destroy the world,” Canuto says. “But methodologically and legally they were in the right.”

Say what you like about the tenants of National Socialism, but at least it was an ethos.


Imagine Time Team, but with villains conspiring to rescind permits,