On replying with the same animated GIF many times

So don’t. Problem solved. At least the one you described. Maybe that’s not the actual problem?


Bit harsh.

I love when Mindy uses the slurping gif.

In a thread where someone is demonstrating bigoted behavior, this is how I interpret it.


this, very much.

i see @Mindysan33 posting a multitude of comments which range from the mediocre to the outstanding just like the other regular commenters who make the bbs so interesting, informative, and entertaining. i don’t think she is the only person who uses this gif as a shortcut for the same type of attitude towards a certain type of comment. i would also note that it took me an average of about 0.3 seconds to scroll past that gif in a set of 10 trials.

i know that everyone has their thing which just drives them nuts and this may be one of @codinghorror’s things but i believe calling @Mindysan33 out in public over this was excessive and inappropriate. in my 6th grade classroom i try to provide correction and guidance for a misbehaving student privately before i do it in front of the class unless the situation demands immediacy.


Apologies, but I find the behavior anti-community and anti-discussion, to the point that I feel compelled to speak out against the behavior, because it is long term corrosive to community.

I love all people, of course. Just not necessarily all their behaviors, all the time. Including my own.


It’s like disemvoweling. You can make a case for it, but I think it is long term negative for the community. I don’t like to see a single no-discussion GIF become a substitute for meaningful (or at least interesting) conversation – or flag + ban if that is what is really needed.

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we are obviously going to have to disagree on both the nature and consequence of the offense you perceive in @Mindysan33’s behavior and whether there was an offense committed in anyone else’s view aside from yours.

as for your apologies, i’m not the one who should get them.


But as everyone knows you love me best of all.

I leik pictures

I apologize to @Mindysan33 as well. I believe the repeated copypasta gif no-text reply behavior is not healthy for a community, to the point that I feel compelled to bring it up in this manner.


Really needed by whom?

I’m not seeing a whole lot of support for your position here…

Would you really bring down the ban hammer on a commenter and/or a single gif, just because you don’t like it? Even though many others do?

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CH doesn’t wield the ban-hammer.


Is it at all interesting to note that one of the only persistent, bubbling pots of dissent that disgruntled people feel they can legitimately dip into ad hoc is the animated gif thing?

I understand some people just have an issue with the design choice of the placement of gifs but I feel that because the complaint has some legitimising weight that people who feel like lashing out at the community will take opportunities to express negativity like grumbling about design choices.

At any rate, just a pylon I thought might be contributing to the choice for criticism of gif snark. Of which I heartily approve and can report is only really used once opportunities for sane conversation have been ignored, or worse, ignoranced.

Maybe gifs occupy a more immediately apparent phase space where we can observe interactions with other people crossing some line of intrusiveness but I think if there is any such intrusion happening the gifs tend to be a symptom signifying the incident and not the driving force.


I would be annoyed if somebody only talked in gifs here. But great posts peppered with a few choice gifs doesn’t bother me.


So post an annoying gif, I’m the bad guy now… not the sexist asshole. got it.


You’re not a bad guy. You’re not even a guy!

I do wonder if we should have just flagged and suspended that guy to start with. I kind of agree the slurping-gif is a symptom of someone who starts off in bad faith and with a bad faith start, it is awfully unlikely things will improve from there. And indeed, things did not improve.

Well, he got banned but the discussion got off track that’s for sure…


Honestly? I take the position that if a picture is worth a thousand words, a GIF is worth at least 13,486. I curate my GIFs very carefully, and try to avoid using the same one more than once within a short enough time span. I wait for and relish the moment that is made for a specific GIF. I realize that your issue is with the same specific GIF showing up over and over, but in terms of community and regular commenters? That’s just what @Mindysan33 does. I always have this sense that I know the people here. A typical conversation involves a GIF from @Mindysan33, a follow-up GIF from @funruly, @popobawa4u will hold forth in his usual dispassionate tone, while @jerwin will throw in a random but interesting tidbit, @falcor will growl at someone, @othermichael will turn it into a game topic, and I am a pretty reliable doofus who has the perfect GIF of a contestant on Jeopardy making a sassy-snap burning a hole in my pocket.

In other words, I don’t feel like this is turning into Reddit.