On the eve of a contentious election, Twitter suspends the accounts of progressive activists

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They’re probably too late. If you watch polling in response to an event it takes about a week to peak before returning to the norm. They should have done this days ago. Plus a mere block doesn’t have that much of an effect, it needs to be combined with a story that suddenly doesn’t have a counter-narrative.

They need some kind of “James Comey is re-opening the investigation” type story if they want to move the needle.


Don’t worry! Jack Dorsey has been fasting and has some very clear thoughts on the matter!


The way I see it, social media honchos have been dragged into legislative hearings (in several countries) and ordered to do something about undesirable content, but it is politically and legally awkward to define “undesirable” in actual legislation, so this is what we get.


“We may suspend an account if it has been reported to us as violating our rules surrounding abuse,” says the website.

So they suspend you if people complain you’re violating the rules, but they don’t actually check?


Actually checking is… its hard. /whine

This is my neck of the woods. I’m voting on my way home from work. I really hope the nazis don’t win.


Hi Cory, I’m one of the progressive Alberta election voices that currently finds themselves banned from the Twitter platform on the the day before the election. I had friends submit my response to this whole shameful situation and am sharing that response here. I am @TheGentYYC & I welcome all questions


I hope they don’t win either, but it’s not looking likely at this point.

My thoughts and prayers are with Alberta.


It’s almost as if tools of speech suppression are inevitably used against the less powerful, rather than more.


In other news:


It’s almost as if turnabout is fair play?

Golly, starting to suspect that Jack is a fucking Nazi.


The impression I get is that he’s similar to Peter Thiel: a Libertarian tech mogul who has no qualms about enabling the alt-right because he sees them as natural pro-business allies. Using the beard of freeze peach absolutism, someone like that can draw a false equivalency between right-wing populists who get legitimately banned for racist and sexist remarks and the left-wing activists who get banned mainly because said right-wing populists gamed his broken-by-design system.


It’s almost as if the status quo is white supremacy.

Fixed that for you.

Corporations exist to make money, and the optimal strategy for that is to uphold and exploit the status quo. This means that 99 times out of 100 corporations will always side with ethnofascism over justice: the economic wealth and might of white colonialist states are built atop genocide and systemic abuse.

Like, the US hasn’t outlawed slavery even. Let alone made reparations.


As far as I’m concerned, Twitter could roll up and die. I would not care. It isn’t as loathsome as Facebook, but not for want of trying. If you are relying on Twitter for anything, you’re doing it wrong. [am sure I’ll get blowback for that…]

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Seems to me on FB you can at least pretend you’re associating with people you know in some capacity. Twitter feels like an invitation for someone to inevitably rake you over the coals for no particular reason.

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This is why I say punching nazi’s is not an effective strategy. Keep your head cool and muster your arguments and you will win more people through reason and enlightenment than through violence, whether its verbal or physical.

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What kind of “mustering your arguments” do you need to say “Nazis=bad” and “white supremacy=bad”?

Nah, fuck that. I’m fine with Nazis getting punched. There’s no civil discourse to be had with these people.


And yet, somehow, even people on the left keep asking for technical and legislative tools to do this Which I don’t get at all. How can anyone not know that this latest hate speech law or banning toxic speech rule on a platform will be turned against us before the ink is dry on it?

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