On the Internet, no one knows you're not the mayor


I am Spartacus!


The tweets implied “Mayor Ardis utilizes illegal drugs, associates with prostitutes and utilized offensive inappropriate language,” according to an affidavit filed for the warrant.

Well… does he, though? I don’t see any denial here.


Not sure how this wasn’t illegal, the raid and seizure I mean.


“Tuesday’s raid was carried out by seven plainclothes officers”

“Three people at the home were brought to a police station to be interviewed, as were two other people who were met by police at their workplaces.”

“No arrests were made”

“Police Chief Steve Settingsgaard says officers were investigating it as a possible case of impersonating a public official”

“(the Twitter account’s) bio information was updated to indicate it was a parody account”

Problem 1: We’ve got half a dozen armed men who aren’t in uniform bursting into a house. The police apparently are so afraid of people with Twitter accounts that they have to conduct plainsclothes raids on them.

Problem 2: I assume they must have been operating under a search warrant, but that would ostensibly mean that an officer somehow provided probable cause to a judge who signed off on the warrant - if this is the case, the judge in question should be disbarred for gross incompetancy.

Problem 3: How is bringing in the residents for questioning not an arrest? It certainly isn’t a detention, which is where you are only prevented from leaving the scene. If you’re brought to a police station against your will, you have been -arrested- of your liberty. I suppose the only thing that makes sense is the residents went “willingly” with the men with guns who weren’t wearing uniforms?

Problem 4: The people in charge of protecting the community and fighting crime are so incompetant that they can’t recognize lawful and harmless parody - either that or they’re financially or politically beholden to the mayor and are in effect his own personal corrupt goon squad.


Where or when has this ever not been true?

The mayor also did not deny having a secret cock-fighting ring in the basement of city hall, sources say.

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Indeed, and I’d like to know when he stopped beating his wife.

Caligula and Indira Gandhi are gonna be so pissed with you.

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I’ve got one of them but I hardly ever use it.
Bugger to get off and it’s always so far away!

No, I’m Spartacus!

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Hey…so am I!

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Spartaci? How revolting.

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