On the Origins of Sriracha


Is anybody going to the Sriracha - Electronic Dance Music Festival?

“The Thai version is quite a bit different,” Clemens says. “It’s not quite as hot, it’s thinner in consistency, and it’s a little bit sweeter.”

OK, are we 100% sure these guys didn’t just try Sweet Chilli Sauce, which is also popular in Thailand, and just totally fail? Because that sounds a lot like Sweet Chilli Sauce. I mean, those guys are the ones making a documentary about Sriracha, so they probably know what they are talking about, but that really sounds a lot like Sweet Chilli Sauce. I’m just saying.

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I really want to try it. It sounds delicious. I think it’s interesting they are testing sri-mayo, which has made a regular appearance on foods I eat for many years. I think it’s important to use the original Kewpie mayo. The regular American stuff just doesn’t sit right.

Well, Thai chili sauce is not typically aged, isn’t just a little bit sweeter but upwards of 1/3rd sugar and often has fish sauce added to it. It also generally has a radically different texture from the large amount of water thickened with cornstarch.

Yeah but you guys are American. 30% sugar sounds like something you might plausibly describe as ‘a little bit sweeter’. :stuck_out_tongue:

Boing Boing: could you please warn us in the teaser if the link takes us to an autoplay video?

Ow, my ears.

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