On the reposting of BBS content elsewhere

Recently, we’ve had instances of BBS content being posted to third-party sites by members, including references to other users or their posts.

While our Terms of Service unquestionably give you the right to do this, decency calls for either letting others know if you are reposting their content, or at the very least, removing said content it if you are asked to.

While we have no intention of moderating outside the BBS itself, one will find their account terminated if someone asks you to remove their posts reposted elsewhere and this request is not honoured.



The way I see it is this. I agreed to provide content to BB (via the BBS), and if BB decides to monetize with ads, I agreed to that.

I did not agree to someone else doing that. I recognize why BB can’t police it, but it’s good to see that they’re willing to provide consequences to those who don’t grasp the basic idea of consent.


Links are one thing. A link back to something I posted that means it’s served up by BB? Very different than a scraped (and possibly edited or truncated) comment where nobody sees the original.

This is why I do direct link to places like Twitter, not the scraper sites.


Now, you have piqued my curiosity…



Just to clarify here as well because I want to make sure I’m right:

Everyone’s posts here are Creative Commons- Share Alike - Attribution - Non Commercial, right? I’m not challenging anything or the rules or anything, but I think a lot of people skim past that part of the TOS and aren’t aware that they are granting basically a license to repost/comment/etc everywhere.

I do agree with removing users who violate the spirit of this grant, though.

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Correct. As stated above, just because you can doesn’t mean there are no consequences here on the BBS for the choices made in how that content is used outside the BBS.


…it’s not bad manners to do so.


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