Once again, Fetterman roasts Oz

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Like Fetterman, I’m more than willing to believe that the TV snake oil peddler did that Photoshop himself.


It’s refreshing to have a politician on our side with a contemporary sense of humor!


It’s refreshing to have a politician on our side who is one of our contemporaries.
To put that in perspective, I’m in my early 50s.


How is “Dr” Oz this bad at things? Feels like he’s constantly trying to create memes, but they’re always embarrassing to him instead. But also his whole campaign - in a state where he clearly does not live - is weirdly off-kilter and wildly amateurish.

The alternative is he hired someone to do it, which is inconceivable. Unless there was serious nepotism involved and he hired a teenage relative to do his social media work… which actually would explain a lot.


“Billy! Uncle Mehmet wants you to do something for me! You know about the world wide web… right?”


He used to have writers.


I fear the subtlety will be lost on 40% of the voting public.


And thank god for that. Thanks to terrible candidates like Oz* Fivethirtyeight is currently forecasting a toss-up for control of the Senate, which isn’t great but still a lot less dire than some earlier forecasts.

*To be clear I’m glad that he’s terrible at campaigning. Not glad that he’s a terrible person.


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It’s sort of an unwritten rule that when is running for office, one should not only have aides on hand – a staff – but that the aides be smarter than the person running for office. It’s hard to believe he’s flying solo; that would be incredibly stupid.


I am having some '90s flashbacks looking at his social media…

I mean - he still should have staff writing things for him… maybe the problem is, it is the same staff, with his tv staff also doing his campaign stuff. (And they’re trying to sabotage it, too.)

Ooof, especially since Fetterman had such a big initial lead…


I mean, the answer is right there. He’s an amateur. This is why I don’t vote for television and movie stars for politics. They usually suck at it and rarely pan out as useful legislators if they win. It’s like those old 70’s variety shows, where you get Buddy Hackman singing a love duet with Joan Collins and no one exactly knows why or how this came to be, only that they are watching a perfect disaster in slow motion.


He’s an actual MD, and apparently was a good doctor while he was working as a surgeon, so he’s entitled to that Dr.

As others have said, it’s because he is an amateur when it comes to politics. Oz is less stupid, less corrupt and less all-around horrible than the Abominable Orange, but he’s a similar celebrity candidate appealing to the fools who want an outsider to solve all their problems.

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He spent a good lot of the last decade sitting on hospital and university boards dedicated to Complimentary and Alternative medicine, effectively boot strapping quackery into legitimate medicine, Plus this this shit.

He has actively been doing harm through his medical credentials for a long time, and not just by selling supplements on the TV.

He’s not currently a practicing surgeon or active member of Columbia’s staff. And there’s been a number of a pushes from groups in the field to remove his credentials, and trying to pressure Columbia into dropping him entirely.

So the scare quotes are kinda warranted.



And yet, he was the one who jumped right the fuck on the Trump train…

I’d also argue that competence in one area doesn’t mean shit for other areas. Being a good surgeon doesn’t mean he’s good at literally anything else. It just shows that he was able to jump through all the hoops competently to become a surgeon.


@Shuck - obligs. :wink:
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He should, at the very least, have staff that know what they’re doing - this isn’t some small-town city council position, where that might be excusable. And it’s not just amateurish, it feels inept.

And he’s peddled enough egregious snake-oil and outright medical misinformation that he absolutely deserves to lose that title.


I don’t think that is the issue though. Betty Boothroyd, Glenda Jackson and Tracy Brabin all did a fairly good job in the UK in my opinion. They are women and left wing though, so that may be what makes a good actor-politician.