Reality TV person "Snooki" trolls Dr. Oz

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Well played, Mr. Fetterman; hope he wins.


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She actually looks a lot better now; healthy and sober, even.

If that’s the case, good for her.


Well played indeed.

Honestly it’s kind of surprising that more people aren’t using Cameo to prank public figures given that it’s a platform where anyone with a couple hundred bucks can get celebrities to record messages without any understanding of context.


I see Rudy’s been working on his bulldog face!


That’s not even the first high-profile prank of Giuliani on Cameo. Guess he’s so desperate for cash that he’s willing to humiliate himself as many times as it takes to pay the rent.


And this is what passes for political repartee as Rome burns.
The future is bleak.

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I’m not sure you “get” Fetterman. Or satire. Or the ridiculousness that is Dr Oz.

Oz is a complete joke with zero charisma and Fetterman is correct to treat him as such.


Your negative criticism is misplaced, methinks.


Something that will stump archeologists in the far future: “Oz got snookied.”


One must consider the target audience’s level of sophistication and adjust as needed.


Everyone who might be persuaded by a reasoned discussion of qualifications and policy positions is voting for Fetterman already.


Not necessarily, no. Every single time someone has asked Sen. Warnock about his opponent for his senate seat, he refuses to stoop to their level. But he’s a reverend in addition to his side gig as a senator from GA. Context matters here. Fetterman is running in PA, against a candidate that’s highly underqualified and literally ONLY moved to the state to run for office. The sort of ribbing he’s giving Oz seems on point for the population of the region and it’s not particularly dirty, considering he’s literally telling the truth about Oz - that he’s a rich asshole who’s out of step with the needs of the people of PA, and literally only ran to line his own pockets.

Given the utterly disgusting misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, antisemitic and racist campaign that the previous president ran, this is not remotely harsh.


You missed my point in a rush to score a point. I get good satire. This is not good satire. It’s probably considered high humor by many in our current idiotocracy.
I think Oz is a total idiot.
It’s all fucking stupid. Fetterman for the win.
I remain in belief that the future is bleak, amplified by people who strike too quickly to score points against strangers on the internet.

I don’t think they did, actually.

You seem to be of the opinion that political discourse has only recently gone into the shitter, when in fact it’s been sliding in that direction at least since the days of Reagan, if not before then… and then the campaign and subsequent election of 45 blew whatever remnants of ‘decorum’ were left all to hell.

As @Brainspore already stated, anyone who is mature, reasonable and analytical in their thinking when it comes to political discourse is likely already voting for Fetterman.

This message was intended to get the attention of so called low information voters or those who just don’t bother voting at all.

That is not a fact, just your personal opinion.

Yeah… complaining about it online amongst strangers really solves that problem, doesn’t it?

You sound oh so sincere.

That’s your choice; go ahead and just give up before the fight is even over, if that’s what you want to do.

Those of us who are made of sterner stuff still have more work to do.


I’m sure Grover Cleveland really wasn’t a lecherous beast and a moral leper then?


It’s not like Fetterman’s whole campaign is based on snarky TikTok videos. This was just a quick and inexpensive one-off bit calling attention to the fact that Oz is a dopey, unqualified TV celebrity who only came to Pennsylvania because he thought he’d have a better shot at winning elected office there than in the state where he actually lives.


Not sure what an immoral president who died in 1908 has to do with my point about US political discourse being a mere façade since at least the 1980’s, but thanks for your input anyway.