Oncoming locomotive encourages slow-moving gentleman to pick up the pace

The thing about science is that it works whether you believe it will or not.


Does a removal of an instance of bullheaded ignorance from the gene pool count as tragedy?


Looks like he changed his mind about suicide by train.

That guy almost won the fight, if only he’d hung in there, like for another second or two.


Chicken. The two set up steps take him as far to the left as possible for a single step out to work and he has his timing down.

Does he actually slap the front of the train!?


Good eye! He even shifts his weight to his left leg in preparation.


Those last two little steps, the second one is him shifting his weight without advancing his foot, which is the first thing to move when he springs out of the way.

I can’t really tell if he pokes the front of the train or not but you would want to do something showy anyway and probably from the angle most people see it from it looks as if he is slapping or poking the front of the train.

Dat street cred tho’.


what a magical thing science is!

Oblig “Christ what an asshole.” And I don’t mean the train.

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Bearded gentleman obviously has a great deal of face and the uppity train failed to pay appropriate deference … :smirk:

Perhaps he had a loco motive?


That really does look like a slap, a step to the right, and his hand raised in triumph. It’s a dare, maybe? A “trick”?

I gather he’s a fakir; those guys seem to think physics is some sort of mass hallucination.

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Physics does not believe in fakirs.


That is a honey badger train - it just doesn’t give a shit.


The foreshortened perspective certainly adds to the sense of drama, since it’s harder for us to judge what the distances really are.

Not saying this isn’t impressive! Just wondering how the medium could be manipulated to enhance the impression we get.

e.g., could you have a slow-moving train and slow-moving bystanders, and later the gif is speeded up a bit?

From personal experience, those trains do move exactly that fast in such situations; I think it’s running at normal speed. Perspective may be a bit distorted though…

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In fairness, his behavior suggests that he may actually be almost dense enough to stop the train purely through good, honest, inertia. Not quite dense enough to try, though, which is just as well for all involved.


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