One Got Fat: deeply weird bicycle safety film with kids in monkey masks


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Note that you can buy the Riffed version of this short for 99 cents via Rifftrax’s video on demand catalog.


Whoa, let’s not forget the Boards of Canada video


It’s Ride of the Planet of the Apes.


i love this movie saw it as a kid too and did i ever get killed on my bike no i did not


The names on those lunches! Triglr? Floog? Are those supposed to be monkey names? They sound like websites, but not from 1964.


Moral: if you don’t want to die OR get fat, be like Mossby: don’t ride bikes.


Other moral: if you’re riding with friends and they get in an accident, leave them behind and eat their sandwiches.


Just watch it at fastest speed on youtube with this playing for audio.

ETA or if you prefer the “original” lyrics.


I thought these masks must have been inspired by Planet of the Apes judging by the girl ape that looks a lot like Dr. Zira, but this predates the first film by at least 5 years.


Well, that’s just common sense.


This thing gave me such nightmares when I was in elementary school. Thanks, Mrs. Miller.


Good god, that had a higher body count than The Hunger Games.


Other other moral: if you’re riding with friends and you get hungry…

[the completion of this moral is left as an exercise for the reader]


“Triglr” isn’t a website, it’s a mobile dating app for troglodytes. “Floog” is a delivery service for masochists.


God Made Man, but he used the Monkey to do it.

Apes in the plan and we’re all here to prove it.

I can walk like and ape, BIKE like an ape

I can do what monkeys do.

God made man, but a monkey supplied the little bell for the handlebars.


If you dig surf guitar, check it


Now I have two videos with cyclists in animal masks to love!


Looks like nobody has linked the Phil Retrospector video (which I think was featured on Boing Boing awhile back):


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