One man reads "The Night Before Christmas” in the voice of 27 celebrities

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That sounded a lot more like “A Visit from St. Nicholas” to me. And there’s just as much evidence that it was actually written by Henry Livingston, Jr, rather than Clement C. Moore.


Aaah, about half of those aren’t quite perfect enough to have the impersonator stoned for witchcraft in an earlier era.

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Yeah, I listened with my eyes close, and guessed Robin Williams on about 7 of them.


He seems really good at impersonating mannerisms, and not quite as good at actually impersonating tone and timbre.


Bonus points for Paul Giamatti, an actor I never would have thought of trying to impersonate since he seems to be as defined by his looks as he is by his voice.

Better than his usual gig of reading L. Ron Hubbard stories down at Scientology’s place.

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