One mundane trick to organize nails

This ^^^^^^^^^^^^

phils nails


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Note: Only works with finishing nails.

Time was when hardware stores sold loose nails by the pound.


Sure, but that time sucked, and the houses fell down on them, killing dozens.

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My local ones still do.

But you’re getting that many nails it’s much cheaper to get a 50lb bulk box. Which is what those hardware stores are selling out of, and are pretty much never nicely lined up and “organized”. Cause you don’t need that, unless you’re reboxing finishing nails by number instead of weight or something.

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In Japan there is a saying: “the nail that stand out gets hit.”

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I own a couple of nail guns (I’m no professional, it’s just they only fire one gauge of nail)–they are fed with sticks of nails, not with individual nails. I’ve never tried to fire the last nail but I have tried to fire the last staple from a staple gun–expect a malfunction. The problem is the gun doesn’t hold the fastener to be fired, it’s only retained by the rest of the load.

Sounds like what you need is the Autohammer, as seen on TV!

(Do not buy this product)

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It was that or loose screws.

That is not an unusually large amount of nails. I’ve had more.
Oftentimes, if you stick them into a large pile of lumber you end up with something like a house.

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𝜋 and π are both already unicode characters? Admittedly, there are emoji for some letters that have unicode characters (e.g. :a:), but they are few and far between.

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Y’all, I know nail guns don’t take loose nails. It was a joke.

Hmmm…if you build a house with loose finishing nails, you might need to make sure your insurance is current.

Neumatic and electric palm nailers. They’re used for tight spaces where a nail gun or hammer won’t fit. Or when you need precision placement or a nail gun might break shit.

Sure beats the loose seal.

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