One of the cheapest animes ever produced

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Must admit when i glanced at the title i was expecting something like Inferno Cop, which whilst having the animation budget of a handfull of pocket change, is absolutely insane and great to watch (if you get the humour style i guess).

But wow, this was just bad, and not on purpose for giggles either…


Anime has become synonymous with quality in the animation world. Since the days of Astro Boy , Kimba the White Lion , Gigantor , and Speed Racer , anime has always rivaled and often exceeded the quality of Western cartoons.

You gotta be kidding. It’s only been relatively recent that anime as a class has enjoyed some respectability in the US. For decades in North America, it was the domain of creepy boy fandom and the associated fantasies. And much of that was the cream of the crop that got some kind of very limited distribution. People outside the creepy boy fanbase would look at anime and wonder wtf is wrong with Japanese people, watching cartoons with characters always yelling and/or involved in strange sexual situations.


How we did cheap cartoons back in the day


Instead of calling it “Anime” this should be called “Static-me” (pronounced “static-may”)

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Fact: Much of the incidental music used in the 60’s Marvel superhero cartoons came from ‘stock music’ composed by Brits such as Trevor Duncan and performed by Brit musicians (and for a while by musicians in Germany due to strike in the UK.)


Para Para Mangá!


When I was a kid, in the distant decade of 1980, japanese animation was just animation made in Japan, not a cool hype trend. I agree with Mr. Nealy when He says Akira changed the game. I think the japanese government noticed it too and started to promote this stuff as softpower.

Ah, two of my favorite cartoons, just because they are cool.


Is it bad that I have had the laserdisc for this anime for almost 20 years and never watched it?

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And I wouldn’t say anime was associated with quality. Outside of outliers like Akira, which was exceptionally well-animated (and exceptionally expensive) for anime, anime had a reputation associated with cheap-looking TV imports like Speed Racer and Voltron, or for deploying cost-cutting measures like lower frame rates in feature films and lack of lip syncing.

I remember as a kid even when watching unequivocally masterful work like Princess Mononoke on the big screen, being slightly put off by the relative choppiness of seeing “on-twos” animation in a feature film. Of course now I recognize the many many ways that film blows away anything by Dixnar, but at the time it wasn’t a cut-and-dry “this is immeasurably better” thing.


We used to dream of having coloured pencils back then!


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