One-sentence memebombs

A memebomb is a statement that (subtly) disrupts the reader’s belief systems. (For examples, see the Semi-Official Memebomb Archive at

The rules:

  • Your memebomb should be no more than one sentence long.
  • Your memebomb should work on you. (The reason is, it’s very easy to construct a statement that you believe will work on someone who disagrees with you, but which won’t work on anybody because you fundamentally misunderstand the person you’re targeting. If it works on you, then you know it at least works on somebody.)

Examples (from the archive):

  • Black sheep are still sheep
  • A conclusion is simply where you stopped thinking
  • Alarm clocks kill dreams
  • The crusades were the product of brand loyalty
  • A belief is just a thought you keep having
  • A well-rounded argument is pointless
  • Superstition brings bad luck

it was my understanding that the OP is obliged to start the festivities…

show ya mine if ya show me yours?

Several of the examples were mine.

Leadership is for people who don’t know what they’re doing.


You don’t have to believe your thoughts.


And one from the great Aleister Crowley:

The universe is the practical joke of the General at the expense of the Particular.

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You’re going to read or mentally recite this sentence again, even though it was a waste of your time.



a car is a motorized wheelchair.


And, the Fortean rejoinder:
The universe is a practical joke by the Particular at the expense of the General!

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Even cattle have favorite brands.

If it’s not uncomfortable, it’s not thought.

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And an old Zen saying:

A statement phrased exactly right is a donkey tethering post.


Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate.

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I always felt cars were more of a motorized couch/umbrella hybrid.

This is a proper motorized wheelchair:

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Confusion is the only reliable indicator of thought.


\m/, ,\m/

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Marx invented capitalism.

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