Onebox all the links!


This one failed to onebox - probably amp getting in the way


AMP is the worst. I like Google and they generally have good ideas, but this one is a disaster. Good cause, completely the wrong solution.

Using the proper non-AMP link works:


Another one:

Oddly enough, if I post after leaving just the link it won’t onebox. But if I type anything else, even   after the link, it does onebox. That’s weird.


See, the same link, without follow-up:


Probably just a caching issue.


I think you’re right. Both links work now, even though they didn’t earlier. Sorry!


Hmm. Well, it’s a start.


Radiolab links:


I think they are doing some invalid stuff there

og:video coming back as a SWF file is super dodgy.


Neither of these are Oneboxing, and they’re kinda important at the moment:


Why? The URL tells you what you need to know. Oneboxing is more for summarizing articles, as in “check out this article in the Atlantic, man!” Not “check out what the Atlantic is, man!”

For example I don’t think anyone would expect to onebox? or the homepage of wikipedia?

At any rate you’d need to follow up with them and see if they have their opengraph / oEmbed tags set up. Did you enter them in and see what comes up? I get 403 forbidden on one of them.


Just for presentation purposes; if, for example, I link both BLM and the DSA in one post, the Oneboxing of DSA makes the BLM link disappear in comparison. Like so:

If it’s fixable, great, if not, no worries.


So enter the links <like this> instead?

or type literally anything in front of them


Okay, thanks.


There seem to be unnecessarily short length limits on the Title and Description fields presented in a onebox. Here is an example:

The fields visible at are not truncated with ellipses:

‘Game Of Thrones’ Producers Reveal Series Moved Beyond Show’s Written Script Halfway Through Current Season
BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND—Discussing the hit HBO fantasy drama with reporters ahead of this weekend’s season finale, ‘Game Of Thrones’ producers revealed Thursday that the series had moved beyond the show’s written script halfway through the current season.


This seems fine and correct to me, if they bury the lede behind 180+ chars of words, well…


Going from Jessie Debian to Stretch, I was punched in the nose with a 8-10 year fast-forward of my Mediawiki version. (Now it’s about 2 years behind the current Wikipedia version.) Along with all the irritating problems, I was hoping that it would now magically onebox properly, but noooooooooooooooo!

Oh well, put that on my to-do list. On the plus side, if Wikipedia uses an extension to add the markup to their pages, I can now probably do that too.


There is neither a technical nor a design reason to truncate those fields at such a short length. Discourse is obviously able to manipulate strings and deliver web pages that are much longer than that. When somebody wants to post a link to a news story we have to search around for one where the headline won’t be cut off. This feature is really pointless and unhelpful.


Lesson learnt. Don’t post links from the onion. bbs will truncate the joke, and you’ll look insensitive crass, or stupid

means something a little different than


Oh no, someone might misunderstand something you posted. When has that ever happened on the internet before? Surely this is a first. Definitely a technical problem that should be fixed with code, because we need to allow 500+ char headlines.

Definitely not sarcasm, don’t misunderstand! :confused: