Onebox all the links!


Perhaps specific to Twitter onebox then?


If I may: what say we take a look at this?

iFramely says there’s oEmbed data, but it’s not oneboxing.

ETA: Found another one.

ETA2: One more?


Make sure they have a valid text description, also some hosts will blacklist all crawl attempts from user-agents they don’t like. We see this a lot on WordPress installs hosted by WP-Engine, for example.

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Since a couple of days, maybe a week, links to The Register won’t onebox anymore. They used to.





#109’s radio plays seem to be clogging something:

Dimension X 50 04 15 With Folded Hands

Naked link:

In the preview, there’s a too large image, but nothing seems to show up after posting.


Well that’s odd @techAPJ can you take a quick look?

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I pushed a fix for this:

… but the onebox looks awful as it’s just a tiny audio player that is taking up a lot of space because it’s embedded via iframe and the CSS is not optimized. The same can be seen on Twitter Card validator:

Will look for a workaround and then bump onebox version.

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