Ongoing coronavirus happenings

I don’t think the Abbott ID NOW looks for antibodies, but tries to detect active virus.


I buy that some White House staffers use that test, but there’s no way that Trump, Pence, Kudlow, Mnuchin, De Vos, and the rest of the privileged assholes get nasal swabbed each day. No way.

ETA: Sorry for responding that the Abbott ID NOW test is serological. That would be incorrect. I’m just highly skeptical that they are using that test for the prez, VP, and cabinet.


Nicely said on Fbook by author Teju Cloe:


Many of us obey the rules about distance and hygiene. We do so not mainly because we are worried about the disease’s effect on ourselves, but because we are concerned about others. We have a sense of shared responsibility toward the immunocompromised, or those who have health problems or who are older. Out of abundance of care for them, whose risk is so much greater than ours, we do what we need to do.

More and more, I have been hearing from some older people I know, and from some I don’t, a spoken fear: “I can’t get this disease. If I get it, I’ll probably die.” That’s so heavy, that sense of mortal threat. I heard it twice yesterday, for example. And how awful that there are sections of society, in speech or in writing, who loudly proclaim their ability to bear this cost (in other words, they are willing to bear the cost of someone else dying).

It must be distressing for older people to hear this kind of brutal disregard. If you are an older person (however you define that) and you’re reading this, please know that many of us, most of us, care about you. We revere our elders. We love you. You are beloved for your own sakes, and also because you represent a link to what is essential to us. You are the book of our memory and a guide to our future. Your lives are as important as ours. Your death is not a cost we are willing to bear or calculate or passively allow. And I’m very sorry you even have to hear the kind of awful language that suggests it is. Most of us want no part of that kind of everyday fascism—and we will do what we need to do, for as long as we need to do it, to protect you.


How many deferments did he get? Four? Five? Maybe the bullets were less beautiful in '68?


“Beautiful?” How the hell is this a “beautiful” image? Doctors, nurses or soldiers, dying is dying and nothing about it is beautiful. Especially for a draft dodging, germophobic coward like our own Il Douche.


So, if this is actual reinfection and not just more FUBAR’d testing, the vaccine just got a lot more complicated.


I will admit I have nothing to base this on other than experience in the industry, but it feels very much like we’re using a field screening test and treating it like it’s a definitive laboratory test. It’s hard enough to get an uncontaminated nasal swab test right in lab conditions With highly trained staff… When you add in field conditions and (possibly) semi-trained staff doing the collection, it should be expected that there will be a high occurrence of false positives.

That said, if it’s reinfection, that’s really bad.


Keep on following your dreams and heroes folks.


Yeah, Vox seems to think it could be tough


These vaccines, however, are available NOW and are PROVEN EFFECTIVE, but only if parents actually get them.


Am I the only one who scratches his head at many of these examples?

Several if not all seem to play with the stereotypes. It feels like a comment on their opponents. The people with bleach containers are, of course, not drinking bleach but commenting on people claiming a supporter of Trump would do so.

This is a kind of trolling which should mean that they are able to think about what they are doing. They chose to be ignorant.

Like internet trolls, they seem to ignoring the impact on the reality (not the perception) of others.


Welcome to merica. They are totally owning the libs.


One thing that leaped out at me was “Oh, ME/CFS is real now? Funny, I remember when it was mostly women reporting the symptoms we were told we were just stressed and imagining it, and to push through it.”

Don’t get me wrong, I am ecstatic to see it treated as serious. But there are still far too many medical professionals who don’t. Who see fatigue as a state of mind or something to be overcome, rather than treated. “You need to get more exercise!” Well, I would love to, but I am so wiped out after work that I could cry, except crying takes too much energy that I don’t have. (The other thing I love about these guidelines is that they acknowledge that so-called sedentary work that requires thinking and concentration can also strain those energy resources. Yes, I work in an office, but it’s still bloody exhausting for me in a way that not working in one isn’t).

TL;DR: recovering from this motherfucker takes time, more time than a lot of people think. Go easy on yourself. Go easy on others. We still don’t have a full grasp of everything this virus does, except that there are myriad ways it will fuck you up. And stay safe (if possible, by staying home).


Leveraging DARPA?

ETA: not that this is necessarily a good idea when it comes to things like vaccines.


I seriously doubt it. Not in this admin anyway. DARPA is all about pie in the sky forward looking stuff, and people who were former DARPA, (e.g. Mudge), were making a lot of noise about how Trump failed to bring the Defense Production Act in to play, months ago, when it was needed.

(Futurists looking at the existing infrastructure and how to leverage it.)

Cheryl has more than a bit of background in science, and DoD as well.

Nah, this is posturing, and incompetence, as usual.


I congratulate the scientific health personnel of our country, who work in good faith and love to protect the health of the people. With them we advance in the production of Chloroquine Diphosphate, an effective drug for the treatment against Covid-19. Yes, we can Venezuela!


These walls built for coffins aren’t a rare sight in Latin American cemeteries, which are always out of space.

This pandemic and its very high death rate made the problem more urgent. The gravediggers are working to their limits in several capitals.

In the Caju cemetery, the largest in Rio de Janeiro, these structures are being built with a capacity for 12,000 drawers for funerals.