Online museum of forgotten art supplies


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I wasn’t around for this stuff, but love it. Page bookmarked. Thanks.

I had (or HAVE!) most of this stuff! It all still works, too, except it usually requires operator skill.

You can make a portrait of Alfred Bester? Sold!

Pantograph would be perfect for 3d illustration (color or dual), I’d like to find/make one…

You can still buy many of these in specialty stores, though not always art supply stores. For example, Rockler’s version of the pantograph is mainly sold in woodworking shops.

A few years ago, the minister at our church wanted to make a manger scene with silhouette cutouts. She had paper templates but they were about half the size she wanted. I immediately thought to scan and print bigger, but they were already 2 or 3 feet across so scanning would be tough, I could photograph them, but then I’d have to print something 4 to 6 feet across in sections, which would be tedious.

I just got some 1x2s out of the garage and shot them together with drywall screws to make a quick pantograph. It did the job nicely and faster than scanning, printing and taping.

The pantograph isn’t forgotten technology. It’s still being used sometimes to draw archaeological features.

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