Ontario Conservative leader abruptly resigns after he is accused of sexual assault and misconduct with very young, drunk women

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Oh Canada…


Both women say that Brown, a teetotaler, was sober during the incidents, while both of them were inebriated thanks to Brown’s plying them with liquor.

So basically he was one step removed from the creepy dude standing outside the liquor store offering to buy teenagers booze if they drink it back at his pad.

#metoo is really transforming things in the West, especially for affluent white conservative men who thought they were immune from consequences. I’m glad to see it’s only picking up steam.


In Ontario, many lifelong conservatives were disheartened by the antics of Rob Ford, the now-deceased former mayor of Toronto, whose sexual misconduct, drug habits, violent outbursts, racist screeds, attacks on the press, and abusive domestic relations played to the most repellent elements of the conservative base.

Is Rob Ford dead? Has someone made a thread about it?


They think 18 is “very young” in Canada? Come visit Alabama.


Teetotaler sex offender…so is Trump.


So what is the “Liberal” party in Canada? Is that US style liberal or UK style liberal?

Pretty centrist, in my view. Progressive on a lot of social issues, but definitely not left-learning when it comes to monetary policy. They’re also becoming increasingly law-and-order-y.


JT has shown that there is no policy too progressive to align himself with…provided he doesn’t have to do anything about it.


There were three obvious tells in his late night press conference last night, when he tried to deny the allegations. Tells that seem to crop up increasingly often these days:

“no-one appreciates that [respect for women] more than I do”
(overdoing the denial. cf “I’m the least racist person…”)

“I have two younger sisters who are my best friends”
(translation: I do have some standards - I respect women when they are related to me)

“this is not who I am”
(translation: This is exactly who I am, but I can’t say that)

Video of his denials here: https://www.thestar.com/news/queenspark/2018/01/24/patrick-browns-statement-regarding-allegations-of-misconduct.html


Also known as ‘The Grits’.


Initially, Mr. Brown denied the allegations although his party suggested he resign. Mr. Brown refused to step down so his immediate staff resigned yesterday (Wed Jan 24th/ 17)


This also happened the same day as the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservatives deposed their leader Jamie Baillie over sexual misconduct allegations.


Adds new meaning to the term “Member of Parliament.”

Not intending to diminish the seriousness of the situation, but sometimes I cannot resist a simple, sophomoric joke.


From what I see they’re a tiny bit to the left of Blairite Liberals in the UK.


Yes, for almost two years now.


I know, i said it in jest :slight_smile:


The Liberal party in Canada tends to be the centrist party, with the NDP on the left and the PC or Conservative party on the right. Provincial parties and federal parties are separate entities and can have divergent ideologies, so this varies from province to province (And Quebec is, as always, different). Example: in the 90’s, the Ontario PC party was notably more right wing than the federal PC party.

Ideologically, however, the Liberal party is usually neo-liberal. They love corporations, they tend to be fiscally conservative, but they are willing to adopt leftist social policies as long as doing so is popular with voters but does not cost too much. So, for instance, the Liberal party supports reproductive freedom, legalized same sex marriage and will be legalizing marijuana later this year, but they have been making election promises to enact some kind of universal day care legislation for over 20 years now, and they have never done it.

You have provinces like BC where the conservative party has no or almost no seats in parliament, so the liberals are the rightmost party of consequence. And then you have the curious history of the federal conservative party, where the right wing loony Conservative Reform Alliance Party (CRAP) ate the (sometimes socially liberal as long as it was free) Progressive Conservative party in the early oughts and became the Conservative Party.


Good old Chainsaw Mike, Ernie Eaves, and the Common Sense Revolution. We’ve yet to fully recover.


Like Obama, he’s really good at soft-power imperialism, where you keep doing all the same imperialistic shit, and keep right on oppressing the First Nations, but you’re so charming and witty and brilliant that your optics, locally and internationally, are great, and nobody will hold you or your fine nation to account for any of it.