Onyx is the home fitness app that knows when you’re cheating and isn’t afraid to tell you

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/06/11/onyx-is-the-home-fitness-app-t.html

The is kinda like that annoying gym trainer who kicks your butt every day. Onyx is watching — and it’s not afraid to call you out when you’re dogging it.

With just your smartphone camera, Onyx keeps an eye on you while you do your workout. It counts your reps. It corrects your form. It tracks your progress on nearly any exercise and it even provides audio workouts personalized to your performance in real-time.

So it’s a cross between surveillance tech and that meathead at the gym that likes to throw around kettlebells?


The Chinese version also uploads your performance to their social credit system. Cheat on your crunches and you won’t be allowed to buy pizza.


…knows when you’re cheating and isn’t afraid to tell you

But will it tell my wife? Because that’s not cool, man.

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Good god, science! What have you done?! This app has no fear!

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