Listen: podcast about the alleged "data" collected by wearable devices

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When the adverts on your fitness band start showing up Kleenex and Lube, you know you are giving away too much information…


Possibly the fitness band can just order you some more Kleenex and Lube from Amazon.


Would be good if it could correlate against increased heart-rate, and maybe plot a chart against time to keep your workout stats accurate.


And when this shows up you know your workouts are too intense

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We just bought some fitness bands and I am so frustrated with the diet calculator … thing? Yesterday, I ate a bowl of granola and had two cups of tea. My husband had chili cheese fries. It rated his meal better than mine. What the fuck?

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Probably it thought that your meal was lacking in fat and protein, which his had in excess. Calories are only one part of nutritional analysis.

It keeps insisting I eat too many carbs. Which he does not, because he’s Celiac. But it’s annoying when I’m over here eating veggies and he’s eating tacos. Forget the granola, I’m gonna go buy some cereal with goddamn marshmallows if that’s the thanks I get.

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