Microsoft announces Health platform


Geez. Control freaks.

Too bad there isnt an app that determines the true meaning of life.


Next week they are going to announce that Microsoft is gay.


That band doesn’t look very comfortable.

Monday night my laundry accidentally included my Fitbit Ultra. It was too far from the base station to update wirelessly so I don’t know how many steps it counted before it died.

I was planning to wait for the Fitbit Charge HR to come out, but instead I’m heading to the Microsoft Store after work today to check out the Band. (The Who? No, The Band.) Seems like much more bang for the buck.

Up until today I figured there was no real point in a smartwatch. One that is loaded with sensors and fitness-oriented makes a lot more sense to me than a trinket that tells you what the device in your pocket is already trying to tell you.

I’m hoping that optical blood glucose monitoring is around the corner, it’ll be integrated into Microsoft Health, and I’ll upgrade to that.


The fact that Microsoft has something they dub an ‘intelligence engine’, and they use it to help you count pushups is depressingly unsurprising. Gyms are horrid enough without adding Spawn of Clippy. Fuck’s sake.


Because Microsoft can be trusted to keep your data private.

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Facebook for your health insurance.


Yep. We just keep providing more and more data that will be used against us.

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I was really surprised when I saw this Band … this is pretty much what I wanted from Apple! I don’t need to send anyone my heartbeat or s squiggle doodle of a fish … but GPS while running without lugging the phone around, 24/7 heartbeat and a non clunky form factor … I will keep an eye on this one … and this comes from a total Apple fan boy …

Hope this Band does not go Zune …

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