Oof! Matt Gaetz terribly disliked in his own state, says new poll

Originally published at: Matt Gaetz bombs in Florida poll


Jolly good. Don’t let the gaetz hit you on the way out.


Unfortunately Florida is one of the most solidly gerrymandered of republican states; and likely to remain that way:

Florida’s supreme court has declined to hear a request to rule on whether the state’s new congressional map was unconstitutional, a decision that means it will probably be more difficult for Black voters in north Florida to elect their preferred candidates to represent them. (source)

so huzzah(!) for basic population sanity that gaetz is ‘terribly disliked’, but there’s little hope that they’ll be rid of gaetz anytime soon as democracy continues to be strangled on the right -sigh-


I wish they had polled only voters in his district where I’m sure he remains very popular, unfortunately.


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