Oops! Indicted Donald Trump reportedly buys gun, until spokesperson takes it back (video)

Though it was a civil case, he was found to have committed rape in NY. There are three solid predictors of whether someone is at risk of being a mass shooter:

  1. White
  2. Male
  3. History of violence against women.

While his sons are always posing with big game rifles and slaughtered animals, I don’t recall a picture of Trump with a gun, ever.



That’s one of the new military “stealth” rifles that he totally declassified before showing it to everybody. :wink:


He wouldn’t go to a firing range because it’s harder to cheat at target shooting than it is to cheat at golf.


Secret Service agent one lane over aiming at his targets?


kid rock taught him that trick!


Looks like a scene from The Emperor’s New Assault Rifle.


FB reminded me of how much the MAGA crowd in my town hated these stickers with Beschizza’s excellent Jim Jones/the former guy mashup. Death Cult = GOP


He bought a gun? He completed and submitted a Form 4473? Come on… I haven’t bought a gun in a long time but I assume the 4473 is electronic now and it won’t even allow the buyer to proceed if he isn’t a state resident. Must have a state ID and other proof of residence, like a utility bill or car registration.

There’s nothing to be mired in. The law is simply clear: a) must be in your state of residence for a handgun (in general) and b) can’t be under indictment. Such situations are rare, and it’s just part of the inconveniences of life, if someone has gotten himself into such a situation, stay out of gun shops until it’s resolved.


He reportedly bought a gun. Are you saying that’s a false statement?

Even if the reportedly wasn’t there - it’s still accurate to say that his own personal said he bought it.


Spelled it wrong, it’s “HAMBERDER”.


Remember when he led the cameras into a restaurant and shouted “Lunch is on me!” then skipped out on the check? He does this a lot.


Yes, it’s absurd. Even if he were not under indictment he couldn’t submit a 4473 for a handgun outside his state of residence (in general).

His campaign later clarified that he didn’t buy it, he just said he wanted to buy it. I’m sure he did, but wanting to buy something and actually buying it are very different.

All of this is foolish, anyone under indictment should stay out of gun shops, but the fact is, he didn’t complete a purchase. Purchasing a handgun from an FFL means submitting the 4473 and getting back a positive result from NICS. Neither of those could have happened. I don’t think a 4473 could even have been submitted. It’s like those forms where it won’t let you hit submit until all the fields don’t show red. “Are you a resident of SC” would been a field he can’t check “yes”.

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Is that still the case? Last I’d heard a Federal judge had ruled that latter restriction unconstitutional…


No, it isn’t.

And it doesn’t matter whether he had to file a form. Criminals don’t adhere to the law.

That’s why Hunter Biden has criminal gun charges against him. He bought a gun he wasn’t allowed to buy. He even filled out a form.


Maybe. It depends on how the Supreme’s resolve the differences between the circuits.


It is electronic (more or less); and no, it won’t.
(the paper forms are still in use if you don’t want to use the BATFE’s system, though.)

It is; the current copy of the 4473 has it listed as question 21(c) for under indictment for a felony. The document has this to say about state of residence:

For example, if the transferee/buyer has two States of residence and is trying to buy a handgun in State X, he may provide a driver’s license (showing his name, date of birth, and photograph) issued by State Y and another government-issued document (such as a tax document) from State X showing his residence address. A valid electronic document from a government website may be used as supplemental documentation provided it contains the transferee’s/buyer’s name and current residence address.

I know, clear as mud, but that’s a direct copy from the form.


Hunter Biden lied on a form and the lie was caught.

State residence is a different thing. You need to enter a state ID number. You either have it or you don’t. Again, I haven’t bought a gun in a long time but I did sell one to someone and we went to an FFL and he had to go through this entire web-based 4473 process. No in-state ID, no way to complete it.

FFLs don’t trust people to fill in the form correctly, it gets checked by the NICS system. The only thing is, NICS can’t check for drug use, which is what Hunter Biden had a problem with.

Again, very unwise to even be in the store, because it looks improper, but that’s not the same as completing a purchase.


Funny. Without quotation marks I can’t be sure, but I have the impression that this is intended as a hypothetical quote. If so, I think a more characteristic hypothetical quote would be just “Rounds for everyone!” with the “I’m Buyin’!” part merely implied.


Again- the story isn’t that he filled or didn’t file a form.

It’s that his campaign stated that he bought a gun - then said - my bad - he’s not allowed to buy a gun.

You can repeat your talking points about forms a hundred more times & it still won’t change that. Or be germane.