Oorah! US Marine recruits sidelined by E. Coli


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So…semper shits?




Military camps make great areas for disease to spread. It is how the Spanish Flu go ta foothold and spread, combined with the military keeping it hush hush, it killed more people than WWI.


I recently picked up on the fact that it was called Spanish Flu because Spain didn’t have all that wartime censorship in place, so the first open reports of it were coming out of Spain, but it was all over Europe. Maybe old news to some, but new news to me.


The bathroom sanitary conditions are not an issue, they are scrubbed frequently by recruits using the best Listerine available. The chow hall should be the focus. I understand they’ve got contractors working them instead of Marines. Start there.



Semper defecans.
(Semper pedantic)


With no way to ensure proper sanitary conditions, the recruits, beyond eating undercooked meat, were kind of asking for it.

I don’t suppose this is victim blaming at all? Were they wearing slutty outfits or what?



Yeah, recruits don’t really have much autonomy in boot camp, so trying to blame their career ending illness on them does strike me as victim blaming.

I’m thinking that if the Marine Corps had wanted those bathrooms stocked with paper towels and soap, they would have been. I’m going to make a WAG that the omission was a deliberate deprivation that the recruits didn’t really have time or infrastructure to take care of, that is, there was some impediment beyond laziness that kept them from doing it.


I’m given to understand that the Marines will hang onto sickly recruits.If they can’t hack it on
[check notes]…motrin and penicillin,…
they’re dropped to Medical Rehabilitation Platoon, so they can repeat Boot Camp… Yay!

As for “career ending illness,” one of the plaintiffs “has permanent brain and kidney damage”, which sounds rather worse…


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Sodexo used to provide the lunches at my school. Yikes.


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