US Marines discharge corporal for violating mask mandate for unvaccinated troops

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If only the Covid 19 vaccines were free!


Yep, she’s basically got no leg to stand on. Military members soak up a large number of vaccines and other procedures as a matter of course; the fact that she never objected until now - and cannot articulate why she objects to this all of a sudden - dooms her side of the argument.
There is a process for a religious objection, but chaplains and commanders have to sign off on it, and part of the process is some interviews where the applicant is expected to be able to articulate their change in religion and why their new beliefs are in conflict with orders. That doesn’t just get hand-waved.


Yep. If you want to be free, don’t join the military.


First thing they tell you “You belong to the USA/Uncle Sam” I remember it well.


’ US Marines discharge corporal for failing to vaccinate against COVID-19’

Doubtless off to become a ‘defense’ correspondent for OANN.


In regards to the Gomer Pyle video clip, I probably watched dozens of episodes of that show on reruns as a kid, but I couldn’t tell you about even the existence - let alone name - of a single character on that show besides Pyle and the sergeant.


I guess she didn’t research the kind of outfit she was joining.


They’re doing her a favour. With thinking skills like that, she would have stayed a corporal forever had she been allowed to stay.


What? You dont wanna follow orders?


There’s long precedent for the military to require vaccinations, going back to a certain general you may have heard of: George Washington.


Sgt. Carter had a girlfriend named Bunny. That’s the only other character whose name I remember.


That’s not even the dumbest thing this person is trying to do:

In an interview with, McHaffie said the mask mandate violated her religious liberties. She said that she doesn’t believe masks are effective and wearing them would be to bear false witness, a violation of the ninth commandment in Judaism and Christianity.


There are way too many people like her that just keeps feeding this virus.
Here is an example of an anti-vax acquaintance…I keep an eye on the stupid shit she and her neighsayer friends put out there so that I’m not stuck in an echo chamber and can hear their (stupid) arguments. The studies, math, and statistics that they find are filtered through their essential oils fogged glasses and they come to these conclusions:




Article says that she “received a general discharge under honorable conditions.” Is that the same as an honorable discharge? Sounds like maybe not, but in my view, it should be a full on dishonorable discharge, given she was fired from the USMC for willfully disobeying orders.




I see what you did there…



No, it’s different. There are five possible types of discharge, noted here.

What are the three types of administrative discharge?

Honorable Discharge

The majority of service members exit their service with an honorable discharge. This means they did their assigned job in a diligent and competent manner, followed the rules, and obeyed the law. A letter of reprimand or other minor infraction usually does not prevent the service member from leaving with an honorable discharge.

Honorable status entitles the veteran to all the benefits available to veterans. That includes the GI bill for education, home loan assistance, VA medical benefits, and, for those who were career military, retirement pay when they leave the service. Veterans with an honorable discharge can reenlist if they want to continue a military career, and they have hiring preference for federal jobs.

General Discharge

The full name of this discharge is, general discharge under honorable conditions. It usually means there was something that prevented the service member from performing their job adequately or from meeting expected standards of conduct.

How much a general discharge affects the individual’s future may depend on the reason listed on the Form DD-214. When a job applicant claims to be a veteran, the employer can ask to see his DD-214 and see the reasons for the discharge. A general discharge still affords the veteran access to most veteran’s programs. They still have veteran’s hiring preference for federal jobs. In some instances, they may be eligible for VA medical coverage. However, they cannot reenlist and do not have eligibility for the GI Bill.

Other Than Honorable Discharge (OTH)

This is the third type of administrative discharge and the most undesirable. It is generally used when the service member’s conduct results in punishment for violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Security violations, arrest and conviction by civilian authorities, assault, abuse of authority, and drug violations are all examples of the type of conduct warranting an Other Than Honorable discharge.

Having an OTH discharge on the DD-214 means the service member will not be entitled to veteran’s benefits and will not be eligible to reenlist. Although an OTH is considered an administrative rather than a punitive discharge, it can have consequences in civilian life.

What are the types of punitive discharges?

A court-martial trial is required before an enlisted service member can be given a punitive discharge. There are two types of punitive discharges that apply to all branches of the armed forces.

Bad Conduct Discharge

A military service member will receive a bad conduct discharge after being convicted of an offense in a court-martial and usually after they have served time in jail. Some of the offenses warranting a bad conduct discharge are: being absent without leave, being drunk on duty, driving under the influence, committing adultery, arrest for disorderly conduct and passing bad checks. With this discharge on their DD-214, the veteran will be ineligible for veteran’s benefits and for reenlistment.

Dishonorable Discharge

Only general courts-martial can order a dishonorable discharge, which is the worst type of discharge a service member can receive. It is often given along with a stint in military prison. The type of offenses warranting a dishonorable discharge include: murder, fraud, desertion, treason, espionage, and sexual assault. In addition to losing VA benefits, those with a dishonorable discharge also lose civilian rights, such as the right to bear arms. This is the military equivalent to having a felony record. They may have difficulty finding work in the civilian sector.


Graphene oxide seems to be a new (?) popular bogeyman on the anti-vaxxer, anti-mask side. I’ve seen idiots claiming masks, corona test sticks, and vaccines are all contaminated with it.


Fun fact - do you know who else had a general discharge under honorable condition? Jimi Hendrix, though from the army.