Army officer with smallpox and anthrax vaccinations says he's quitting because Covid vaccine restricts freedom

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This is really about showing loyalty to trump.

Imagine being so intellectually and morally bankrupt that you’d make yourself and everyone around you sick to own the libs.

Enjoy your patriotic intubation noises.


I don’t get why, of all the freedoms one could choose to fight for, these clowns are fighting so hard for the freedom to contract and spread a specific deadly virus.


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According to Twitter detectives, he’s already retired and he did so before the vaccine was available. Someone had posted his “retirement” letter but I can’t find it now.


But but Trump politicized it.


the right to decide, you know, what’s going to be injected into your your body and what’s not. That’s a natural human right that, you know, we can’t take away from people

Same guy likely votes conservative and refuses to believe healthcare is a human right. But you give up ALL rights when you join the military. Says so on the forms you sign. There’s no integrity, therefore, in “quitting” to own the libs. It’s a lie.

This is a sad cry for attention. He’ll be running for office in no time, I guarantee it.


Seems to me you give up your freedom when you join the military, it’s not like you can just go home on weekends, or even take a day off without getting authorization (to say nothing of being ordered to do stuff you may not want to do.)

“Military is using the vaccine mandate as a political tool.”

No. You assholes are using it like a political tool. We’re using it like a what it IS: a way to save lives.


It isn’t intubation, they’re getting their freedom pipes.


yeah, i presume he sold (literally) this story to fox new to help pad out his retirement. it’s not like hannity is out there digging into some epidemic (yikes) of army resignations or doing any original reporting.

everybody’s trying to ride the grifting train. this quitter included.


15 minutes of fame, OVER.

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What an utter load of :ox::poop:. Fighting for the rights he swore to uphold for the American people… over vaccines? Might as well make a stand on the military requiring him to meet certain hygiene requirements, or over the taxes taken from his pay.

While I absolutely applaud his military service, the oath he took does not extend to freedom to subvert the nations health. Go melt somewhere else snowflake, your getting my shoes wet.


What was posted on Twitter was his resignation letter.


with all due respect to your 18 years of service, sir – if that is the very best argument you can make for not getting this vaccine at the end of a long line of other mandated vaccines that you willingly took – you are an idiot. and maybe the army is better off without you.


No you didn’t, fool. You swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, which one assumes encompasses invisible enemies, as well. Your interpretation of the word “freedom” is meaningless and dumb and you’re either a fool or a liar for giving up a 20 yr pension (I’m going with “liar”).

But also… good. The military is lousy with idiots like this; they can stand to lose them.

So, it’s 2021 now, 18 years in service, carry the one… that means you joined after the invasion of Afghanistan and during the run up to Iraq. You are clearly already a tool, but you volunteered to be a political one. Dumbass.



On Hannity, Hage explained that his refusal to take the vaccine “is really about the freedom of the American people lining up a role as a pundit on Trump aligned media.”


Seems like good news to me: I gotta imagine the military’s better off without dummies like this.


Somehow I suspect he is timing this in a way to still receive a pension but he’s framing it to look like he’s making a big sacrifice. Same way Trump claimed that he was working for free and refusing a paycheck while skimming taxpayer funds to pay Mar a Lago invoices.


So 18 years of following orders, fighting in wars, being deployed overseas, not getting to see your family, all that stuff, and this is the fucking hill you decide to die on? If you’re dumb enough to toss that out the window, and the benefits of your military retirement pension for this, then I’m glad as a taxpayer to not have to pay that pension.


I shudder to think…