OP-1 Portable Synthesizer by Teenage Engineering


All I wanted to say was ‘Yup’, but my post has to be at least six characters long.

Re the OP-1: yup.

It’s one hell of an expensive education

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I want one. It’s fucking expensive though.

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For that money you could get a PC, a full Digital Audio Workstation package with multiple synths having a much wider range of sounds and arpeggiators and a wide range of editing/processing capability, and a MIDI controller…

Granted, it wouldn’t be as compact. And sometimes constraints can fuel creativity. Still…

I have a dumb question. This is obviously a beautiful piece of hardware, but for $850.00 aren’t there software products on the market that run on MacBooks and deliver the same result or better?

The keys look very much like those on the Sinclair QL (shape, not colour).

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