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Joe DeCristopher, I don’t know who in the world you are, how old you are, or what you do, but after reading your column this morning in The Daily Item (Aug. 23) I have concluded you are one of the liberal socialists that reside in Lewisburg.

I am 91-years old and go back to President Franklin Roosevelt. In my opinion, President Trump is the best president in my lifetime. If you can’t see what is going on with the liberal socialist Democrat party, you are part of the problem. You will discover the truth if this bunch of anti-American trash wins the election.

How can you vilify Donald Trump while people like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer try to tear this nation apart? How can you believe Joe Biden would make a better president than Trump? Biden is nothing but a puppet for the Democratic party. This bunch of the most dishonest, crooked, bunch of thieves will push Biden aside and turn this nation into a disaster.

I would advise you to take some advice from this patriotic, all American, conservative before it is too late for all of us: President Trump is the best thing that ever happened to this nation! God bless America.

William R. Ritter,


Is this Lewisburg WV, home the school of osteopathy? If so, it makes perfect sense.

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You probably shouldn’t put urls in headlines-- it complicates what should be an simple copy paste procedure.

Lewisburg, PA

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Interesting; the op-ed consists almost entirely of snarl words. Nowhere does he advance any argument for why he has elevated Trump nearly to godhead, or just what sort of disaster a vote for the ‘liberal socialist democrat party’ might engender. There is nothing there to engage rationally, because there’s no argument to dispute, only an emotional outpouring.

No doubt the guy’s hurting. No clue why he’s hurting or what might help make him whole.


At 91 there are a lot of possibilities for the first question. As for the second part, I’m guessing that they’ll be making a hole for him well before anyone comes to any conclusions.

It’s interesting that even he can’t suggest that Biden is the baddie. He’ll just get tossed aside by other democrats.

In any case, the pursuit of truth is a worthy goal, so Liberal Socialist Democrats 2020!!!

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