"Open Wide" tells the history of the "mewing" TikTok trend, through a deep dive into the controversial practice of orthotropics and its evangelists, John and Mike Mew

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2024/02/11/open-wide-tells-the-history-of-the-mewing-tiktok-trend-through-a-deep-dive-into-the-controversial-practice-of-orthotropics-and-its-evangelists-john-and-mike-mew.html


Around the time I was getting braces I was instructed by a separate therapist to swallow with my tongue on the roof of my mouth instead of my habitual practise of pressing it at the back of my top teeth. None of this phrenological woo was discussed, though, and the braces did the heavy lifting for straightening my teeth (none removed in the process).

Rule of thumb: if someone in the manosphere is promoting a treatment it’s likely hogwash, and there’s a good chance it’s dangerous hogwash.


The tongue push is part of rehab for swallowing problems. It’s just been repurposed for clicks and publicity.

Mew apparently also uses “reshaping appliances” that Torquemada would love.


But braces are bad?

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It always eventually comes down to that, doesn’t it… and antisemitism… always. It’s never not about racism and bigotry and ensuring what white men maintain their power over the rest of this planet that they’ve fucking wrecked… :rage:


It’s a Tai chi thing to keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth when doing the form, explanations range from completing some chi circuit (I know) to a possibly more practical application that if you’re fighting someone, it keeps you from biting your tongue if someone wallops you in the jaw.


Yeah I was just about to say, this is the microcosmic circulation.


It’s (probably) the latter, but people are usually more open to follow woo-based instructions than anything based on reasonable, fact-based, logical arguments. As a species, we are idiots.

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Sure looks like it. Why everyone wants freakishly chiseled jawlines and cheekbones these days is mystifying. The whole buccal fat removal trend is similarly disturbing. Young people mutilating themselves to look like living corpses.


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