Oral history of Aerosmith and Run-DMC's "Walk This Way"

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Sure, this is fine and all, but when are we going to get the real story behind the Run-DMC/Santa Claus collaboration, Christmas in Hollis?


If you ever find yourself pining for more of the same, you can’t go wrong with The High Decibels.

If I could walk that way I would’t need talcum powder!


Still brilliant!

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I will always love this crossover song…

Great post. Makes me miss HHFT

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Best line from the article:

Rick Rubin, he came to me and said, “I have this great idea.” I didn’t think in terms of a watershed moment. I just thought it was a great idea. I thought in my head, “Good luck to you working with two people who are higher than a kite.”
–John Kalodner

(well, maybe not the best line, but it made me laugh.)


HipHop Family Tree book 5?

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Now there’s some interesting trivia-- they were discussing adding some bass but Joe Perry didn’t have a bass handy, some kid who was hanging out in the studio said he had one and ran home to get it. . . and it was one of the Beastie Boys.


Me too, thought that was hilarious.

Interesting read, lots of good anecdote material in there! Maybe I’m finally old enough to start to appreciate rock (and rap!) history… then again, I hear The Dirt is actually real good.

A buddy of mine is a huge, huge fan of rock-n-roll memoirs, and according to him, The Dirt is one of the absolute best.

I believe this is a representative passage, wherein Nikki Sixx describes his misadventures at a Monsters of Rock show:

"I was so drunk and coked up at the first show that I walked up to Eddie Van Halen and tackled him. Then I reared my head up, lifted his shirt and sank my teeth into his bare stomach. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” his wife bellowed. “Biting my husband? You fucking freak!”

Eddie stood up, dusted off himself and narrowed his squinty eyes. I couldn’t tell whether he was turned on or offended. Before I had a chance to apologize, Vince ran up to him like a savage dog and sank his teeth into his hand. And that threw his wife into hysterics .: Nobody bites the hand that Eddie Van Halen uses to play guitar with.

I must have bitten Angus Young too, Because his brother Malcolm walked up to me in a rage. I was wearing platform boots and Malcolm’s face (he is not very tall you know) was eye level with my belly button. “You fucking bastard.” he roared at my navel. “You can bite my brother, fine! But if you fucking bite me, I’ll bite your fucking nose off, you dog-faced faggot.”

I think I said something like “you and what stepladder?” because before I knew it, he was attacking me, climbing up my leg and clawing at my face like a crazed cat "


right here right now

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