Oral history of Daria, the fantastic 1990s animated series


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Splendora, the band responsible for the intro track, put out a pretty rad post-grunge album:


Daria is my jam, I would be up for another go at the show though it’s such a classic I’m not sure how it’d do these days. The character is still quite relevant so I can always be hopeful


I binge watched the series a few months ago. Once you get past some of the more dated references and tech, it’s still pretty darn prescient.

The more things change, and all that.


I really loved Daria growing up. Who my favorite character is tracks my progress as an individual: As a teenager, I loved Daria’s uncompromising nature, even though it often made her a hypocrite. In my 20s, I appreciated Jane more. Now as a 30-something woman with kids, I really, really love Helen. And always, Jody.

There’s not a character on that show that I don’t feel for occasionally. Well, maybe Kevin?


And here all along I thought that Jennifer Emerson was the voice of (or one of the voices of) Daria. I knew she had worked with Mike Judge. (She and I went to the same high school but I’d spoken with her maybe once since then.)






“a spin-off of Beavis 7 Butthead…” that was all I read before I long ago decided to stay far far away from it.

A rose may grow on a dung heap but I’d not spend a lot of time looking for one.


That’s unfortunate; Daria surpassed the show that spawned it on many levels.


Didn’t see more than a couple episodes when it came out, but watched the whole thing last year. Man, they really nailed teenager-hood.

Unfortunately like most shows by the end it had kinda drifted away from what made it great to begin with.


Heck, I loved Daria and I was grown up (or at least, so old I had a daughter in high school).


Great show. And a great fanfic community, which managed to outlive the show itself by quite a few years.


Daria vs Beavis & Butthead could not be further from each other. As the article mentions, Mike Judge had zero involvement in the show and was run by people that in turn had zero involvement with Beavis & Butthead. It’s a wholly original show and completely different style and humor, and as much as B&B amuses me i no longer get as much enjoyment out of that type of juvenile humor as i used to but Daria over the years has remained great. If anything i’ve only gained appreciation for how ahead of its time the show was.


You’re preaching to the choir; Daria had the better animation, plot, and actual wry humor.


I think Mike Judge’s sense of humor has shifted somewhat, too. The 2011 revival of B&B was better in every way to the original, one of those ways being its much higher proportion of deadpan satire.

That said, I can’t resist at least smiling whenever I see the heavily recycled clip of Beavis kicking Butthead in the nads.


I know :slight_smile: I was adding to what your reply toward the person confusing B&B and Daria being more of the same


Is is not disappointing that as we all watched Daria and wanted to change the World We’ve all sat around and let apathy rule.


Is there a way to make it illegal for people to not make this into a real film?