Oregon's Swastika Mountain renamed

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I’m sure the MAGAts and white supremacists are complaining about the “wokeness” of this move and disingenuously claiming “it wasn’t that kind of swastika.” Since it’s Oregon I’m sure Andy NGO will “report” on their “concerns”.


…renamed Mount Halo to honor a local indigenous leader, Chief Halito

I must be missing an obvious point; but if it’s named for Chief Halito, why wasn’t it renamed “Mount Halito”?


The town of Swastika in northern Ontario should do the same, but it will probably be an uphill battle. (The name dates to 1907.)

During World War II, the provincial government removed the Swastika sign and replaced it with a sign renaming the town “Winston.” The residents removed the Winston sign[7] and replaced it with a Swastika sign with the message, "To hell with Hitler, we came up with our name first.”[8]

1930s British socialite Unity Mitford, one of the famous Mitford sisters who were daughters to aristocrat David Freeman-Mitford, 2nd Baron Redesdale, was notorious for her extreme devotion to Adolf Hitler and support of Nazism and fascism. She was conceived in Swastika when her parents were there to investigate a gold claim investment in 1913.


Little surprised it wasn’t renamed during WWII. Several Native tribes pledged to abandon the symbol that was common in their pottery, jewelry, textiles, and weaving works.

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