Original Robby the Robot suit up for auction

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Getting ready to take a hammer to the piggy bank.

Hard to believe, according to the auction site, it was originally built for $100,000 in the 50’s.


Unless it includes the small gentleman who worked the device from inside, it’s not a complete original. :wink:

I have an old Gregg Press hardbound edition of the novelization with a lot of photos from the production, one of which shows the guy popping out while they are between takes.


Saw a good article some years back that ID’d and listed all the really big robots and this guy was number one on the list.
I do believe they said he was made out mahogany

Sadly, Frankie Darro died in 1976 at the age of 59 (imdb). However, this might make him more compliant with your requirement for ‘complete original’.

Who says money can’t buy happiness?..

Depends on him still being in mint condition…a lot of mint would be needed I suspect.

Selling in the 70s


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