Origins of “The Derek Tape,” '90s viral phone call recording between record store clerk and hesher




Is there a transcript?


Not according to teh googlez, no. Shame.


i can’t believe i just listened to that whole thing. it was completely ludicrous, but i couldn’t stop, dude. spiccoli was all “fuckin’ gilmour was all DEW-DEW-DEW-DEW-BUHRANGGGGGG!!” with these fuckin’ lasers comin’ offa his pick guard, and his phone bro was all, “DUUUuuuuuude, that fuckin’ AWESOME! i can imagine, whoa.” and i just couldn’t stop listening. fuck me, man, fuck me. so raging, dude. pffffft.


Hesher? What is this word?


You need to hand in your Metal Card, man.


Here’s a movie:


Heh. Never had one. Went straight from ELP to the sex pistols and skipped over metal altogether.


Ok, if there is one thing that I love it has to be a good crank call. ( I’m a Troll, figure it out )

Resources for your inner Troll:
Tube Bar
Jerky Boys
R.D. Mercer
Willie Richardson

I have not heard of the one in the article. Cant wait to give it a listen.


Damn, I must be slipping I forgot a couple:

Rickey Smiley
Roy Wood Jr.


Fuck you pussy faggot-ass motherfucker. I’m gonna beat him down. That’s all there is to it.

Eh… it maybe hasn’t aged as gracefully as some other stuff from two to three decades back?


Recently, it’s even been serialized and animated.

Can anyone find the animated version of this?


It’s in the linked article:


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