Os Mutantes singer Rita Lee (1947-2023), RIP

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Heartbreaking. Her solo work was just as good as Mutantes.

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I never got into Psychedelia/Tropicalia Brazilian music. I do like Brazilian jazz/pop songs like:
The Girl from Ipanema

And everything on Flra Purim’s Open Your Eyes album

They were not for everyone, but I can’t see how Mutantes was different, for example, from Supertramp or Fifth Dimension…


Aw man. I stumbled upon them around 10 years ago, and was very happy.


It was probably because they didn’t get any airtime on Eastern US AM radio at the time. I always had my transistor radio near me back then. I did love the 5th Dimension. Maybe I should chec them out.

Did they do any songs in English?

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