"Girl From Ipanema" singer Astrud Gilberto dies at age 83

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Beautiful and memorable song, though I am also fond of the parody version as well


Now that reminded me of this from Mad Magazine.

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i will never tire of her voice, or of bossa nova.


Yeah, she could sing anything and I’d listen. As evidenced by the title song - the lyrics are lame (“and as she passes each one she passes goes ahhh”) but the musicians and Ms. Gilberto’s voice more than make up for it.

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This break down of The Girl From Ipanema is fantastic! It’s long but fascinating.


Yes, it was fascinating! Some of it was over my head, and still I learned a lot and very much enjoyed it. Thank you for posting that.

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I’m sad she’s gone, but glad that Astrud Gilberto was able to set the record straight about her career before the end.



That was my first thought. Adam Neely is a treasure.

The girl from Ipanema has passed. Sources claim she was looking straight ahead at the sea.

The story I either read in Rolling Stone magazine or maybe saw in that long YouTube video referenced here had it that she was the only member of the band who had a strong enough grasp of English to do the translation from Portuguese. I’m glad she did. I Love that song, brings back great childhood memories. R.I.P Astrud Gilberto.

I will miss you everyday Astrud.


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