Oscar-winning Dutch short film on 1950s glassblowers

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What no CGI?

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Nice. Beautiful work done by artful glass blowers. But I also liked the industrial part - automation by pure mechanical means - those old machines have their own beauty.


Bert Haanstra was a brilliant film maker and director. Nearly all of his works are little gems, but rarely seen outside the Netherlands (and not that often inside either, come to think of it).

Really worth seeing is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Human_Dutch, even if it’s a little dated. Best way to learn something about the dutch culture.

I never realized that those people are glassblowers in English. In German the direct translation of “glassblower” refers to a different trade.

Beautiful film, but where’s the scientific side? I don’t know if chem labs still routinely employ glassblowers, but when I was a student we had a really talented, but nasty guy. I guess he could get away with it. And when I returned something to be redone because I’d designed it wrong . . . well, I survived, barely.

He could touch hot glowing glass with his fingers. Maybe there’s a connection.

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I’m always taken aback by the complete lack of concern for really dangerous shit in all of these old scientific and industrial videos.


I like the guy who can’t be bothered to take his (tobacco) pipe out of his mouth pipe while he’s blowing.

A few years before he ate his shoe, Werner Herzog made a movie about glassblowing. He decided for Herzogian reasons that it would improve the film if he hypnotized his cast and directed them while they were in a trance.


This is awesome. It’s also the hipster’s wet dream of industrial working class authenticity.

No it doesn´t. Glasbläser = glassblower

Shirt, tie and jacket while working a blast furncase. Impressive.

No, a Glasbläser sits at a desk with a small burner and makes delicate objects from glass blanks.

A Glasmacher makes glass from scratch in a big furnace and makes bigger, coarser objects with a big pipe.

But perhaps that’s different south of the border.

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