Watch MC Escher make art in this short documentary


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Those look like his mezzotints (I think).

Escher was brilliant in creating shading in his woodcuts by cross-hatching (like in comic books).


Ah. “A representation of the original, without the droste de-and-re-construction applied,” is what I should have said in place of “original”. I just meant to provide an example of the unprocessed image.

(Is that what you meant?)


Outside of the great Escher material, this film is a work of art in and of itself. I saw it in a community college drawing class years ago, and have watched it online once or twice a year since. The soundtrack and narration are so great.

It makes me want to see more of Han van Gelder’s films, but I’m at a loss as to where to find them.


Oh jeez, I just about fell down a rabbit hole of Dutch film archives.

His stuff will be stored out there somewhere surely, although you will probably need some advice from someone familiar with proper research techniques for this kind of thing. I’m aufully slow at it.


America first, and the Netherlands second! #MTNGA


It’s not easy. A few thingies:

Above movie came from a special project: (maybe it will survive google translate).

Knowing he worked a lot for “Toonder studio’s” I found with a quick search:

(search for ‘Gelder’, second and third from bottom)

Paleontologie (in Dutch) could not find fast enough “Story in rocks”.


A youtube search gets us this animated short he directed!


Great :slight_smile:
It’s also in the link I sought for you. And a second one.


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