Otherworldly drone photos of the Dead Sea

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It’s not so much the industrial extraction of chemicals from the Dead Sea that is causing the level to drop as the diversion of rivers feeding the basin by both Israel and Jordan to supply agriculture and for drinking water. The River Jordan is barely a trickle in places.

But dear god, those are gorgeous photos.


I did some rafting on the Jordan river 11 years ago, further up in the northern area, tame and lame, somewhat unremarkable except there were kids throwing rocks at us.

I never figured that out… pretty sure we were on the Jewish side of any fences, so the sudden barrage could have just been shit disturbers… everyone looks the same there to me.

But the volume of water sure wasn’t much after all the agricultural needs were fed.

Then we went for a swim in the Dead Sea … the facility was nice enough but had to take a trolly about 2km to the actual water…you realize how screwed they are - resorts, spas, this & that all built on what was once the shoreline and is now so remote that the purpose and existence of these places is rather questionable.

As the Dead Sea goes down, all the other oceans and seas are rising. Coincidence? I think not. There’s a leak somewhere.


I would add… could there be some form of remnants of civilization under that water, like so many other bodies around the world? I know some of the Great Lakes have signs of ancient habitation in areas, same with the Black Sea.

If that groady water didn’t dissolve everything by now.

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The US Gov’t is donating $100 million dollars as part of the $400 million in cash that will help fund the Sea to Sea project to import Seawater from the Red Sea into the Dead Sea. One company located at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida called Joi Scientific (www.joiscientific.com) has a new method that can desalinated ocean water as a free byproduct of generating zero pollution energy 24/7 or on demand. The largest lake in California called the Salton Sea can be restored just like the Dead Sea by importing Seawater from Baja Mexico into the Salton Sea. The company called Joi Scientific has reached out across America to help Agess, Inc restore the Salton Sea. It would be great if someone from the World Bank, Israel, Jordan, Palestinian Authority or any of the 95 companies that bid on the Red-Dead Sea to Sea project would partner with Joi Scientific so we can help Save the Dead Sea and the Salton Sea at the same time.

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