Outraged at a shoplifter, a Gentleman goes full vigilante after asking a bystander to film him for posterity

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Batman would be way less cool and mysterious if he went around asking strangers to film him when he was doing vigilante stuff.

Also if he beat up people for shoplifting.

Also if he didn’t even succeed at apprehending the shoplifter.


That kid can now file charges against Captain Hero Manly Man, and they’ll stick because the assault and battery is on camera. The Right will have a field day with it and it’ll become a topic in the next election. This is how it goes.

The subtlety that will be lost is that we mustn’t have a society where self proclaimed tough guys go around deciding who’s guilty of what and apprehending them however they see fit. Put down the old west movies and step away from the VCR.


Don’t be surprised when there is more like this and worse. Vigilantism has been encouraged.

“I wish I had my fucking AR. I’d start shooting rounds at them.”

  • Kyle Rittenhouse, regarding alleged shoplifters he saw

Say what you will about Batman, he knows he’s an outlaw and hides his identity (and he’s bat-shit crazy). While interfering with Walgreen’s prerogative as a private entity to deal or not deal with their shoplifters in their own way, this moron is practically inviting assault charges. The right to self-defense is not a right to vigilantism on behalf of companies that haven’t asked you and don’t want you to pick fights on their property.


That’s not to say, righteous clockings of Nazis aren’t welcome (as far as I’m concerned).


As an invested party, I ask that the name “Kevin” not be the male version of “Karen”.




I believe the prevailing masculine of a Karen is a Ken or, per my preferred usage, a Darren.

That said, I don’t think this is an example. This is just your bog-standard delusional dumbass violence festishist with a massive sense of toxic masculine insecurity that he projects onto the world as a perception of “soft little cities” because he can’t be arsed to mature.

He has a bright future as an alt-Reich poster boy. /s


He doesn’t?

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Depends if he’s being written by Frank Miller that day.


Instead of vigilantes beating up suspects, they should call the police to come in and shoot the suspects.

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Hmmm… Should I step in and risk life, limb and livelihood to protect corporate profits?

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They don’t recommend jumping in

but you could trip the guy so he falls on his face. several times. when he struggles up kick his feet out again. maybe he’ll break his nose, or some teeth, less chance of your self getting hurt, its easy to trip somebody running

So long as he gets away he won’t come forward to litigate. If he gets caught he’ll no doubt sue for rough handling

Why risk it? Every millimeter of those stores is on video all the time, so you’re gambling your own freedom that it won’t be clear on tape that you did it deliberately, and gambling that the kid won’t press charges or sue when he gets his medical bill… all to protect profits of a giant corporation who have themselves determined that having their own hired security guards intervene is not worth the risk?

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Already has.

When store employee chases shoplifter, bystander shoots at shoplifter, hits employee.

Bystander was charged.


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