OutRun track selection screen generator

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It’s a pity that it can’t play the song you have in the title, one of the greatest songs in human history.


The year: 1987
The place: the underground dive arcade in my hometown
The cast: me, some random other subterranean lurkers, and the burly, dodgy operator of said establishment, who collars a few of us and says: “Lads give us a hand carrying in a new machine.”

Out the fire exit and up the side steps into a back yard where a shiny red wonder in a van trailer awaited our lift… it was the sit-down hydraulic “fake car” version of Out Run. Heavy as hell but we got it down the steps. It took pride of place in the middle of the filthy carpet, its gaudy lights lending a new exoticism to the familiar 8-bit cavern, attract-mode music set high to overwhelm the other bleeps and bloops.

Manager man produced a plastic bag full of coins and distributed fistfuls to his team of irregulars - he would’ve skipped this step if he could, but some of the rougher ones made that inadvisable - then disappeared off in a cloud of cigarette smoke.

A glorious day. I would saw my left arm off to return there now.


I came here for the Shaggs … 2 … 3 … 4.

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