Sega's OutRun hacked into a Tomy toy dashboard

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Brilliant bit of work. The execution amazes me.


I had a similar toy growing up, good memories of trying to play such a low tech toy and it’s neat to see it hacked to play a video game.


If you’re into OutRun or just modding old stuff check out this insane thing:


How do they get 3.5 inches? The 86mm width is 3.4", and the diagonal is 4".

The video of the original Tomy toy is wack. His machine is busted, but that toy was actually the bomb. Easily one of the funnest toys of the 80s. Tomy in general made consistently excellent toys.

Hats off to the hacker. I wasn’t super up on video games then or now, but even I recognized that Out Run was a great game.


I’m pretty sure there’ll come a time (if it isn’t here already) when a lot of folks would say that despite the awesomeness of the hack, doing it rather than restoring the original mechanical game was a shame.

A mechanical contrivance pretending to be a video game is quite the curio for the ages, especially if it’s actually fun.

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I had one of those toys back in the day. This is amazing work. It blows my mind what you can achieve with the little components around these days.

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