Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hackers at San Francisco's DNA Lounge

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SOB. Sometimes I think I left the Bay Area at the right time. Then I see things like this and get nostalgic. Guess that’s the way of it though.


Both the Hackers soundtrack and the WipeOut XL (well, WipeOut 2097) soundtrack had some great period electronica. Three of my favorite electronica band ever were discovered on these two albums. Also the awesome Designers Republic did the art for WipeOuts CD book.



Wipeout was as much fun for the music as it was for the racing.

I kinda want to dig out my Playstation and fire it up now.

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…even though I have a PS Vita. Wipeout 2048 has Kraftwerk’s “Tour de France” for menu music and it just seems off, somehow.

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