Outsider music: "New Year No Mistake," the official video




Produced by the CIA. 10-hour version coming soon.


The contours won.


Ehh it’s no worse than PiL.


Is publishing this another version of saying, “OMG this milk has gone bad. Here, smell it.” ?




I just listened to the whole thing.

And now I’m a bowl of petunias.


AutoTune is obnoxious until you hear something like this. Then you find yourself begging for AutoTune.




Well, I watched it to the end…

and thank you, so much :smile:


I actually liked this. Reminded me a bit of Stump.

Edit: Oh wow. Why did nobody tell me about Robot Christmas two weeks ago? Now I’ve got to wait nearly a whole year before I drop it into the middle of an Xmas mix. :frowning:


Yup. My first big mistake of the year…clicking play.


34 seconds that I want back.


Around 2:00 at the breakdown it made a turn from haha bad to creeping dread. It almost made me question if it really was a naive work, because that much creepy has to be deliberate, right?


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