Over a thousand clown dolls await at Denmark's quirkiest pub

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2024/02/25/over-a-thousand-clown-dolls-await-at-denmarks-quirkiest-pub.html


Are a 1000 clowns worse when you are sober, or when you are drunk? Either way, I am going to the next pub down the street.


Just about everybody in my local has a nickname.
It’s a friendly, cosy place.
I’d like to visit this weird clown-bar one day.

The best pubs are usually stuffed with nicknames.

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Yep, don’t have to worry about Mrs. Leicester ever wanting to darken that door…

That is a “Twilight Zone” episode waiting to happen. You can be sure that after the pub closes each night the dolls come alive and make cocktails for themselves.

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