Over a year after George Floyd's death, lawmakers abandon the police reform bill named after him

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Manchin and others continue to hold us hostage to the do-nothing, want-nothing, never-compromise, racist, violent GOP. I am so fucking tired of it all. Even when we win, progressives continue to lose.


Senate Republicans: more Trumpist than Trump, more cop-ist than cops.


Working as intended :unamused:


As usual, this will be treated as a failure of Democratic representatives, while the Republican party sits smugly by their racist policies. At best, we’ll get a juvenile “both sides suck! both parties are the same!” from every self-appointed online pundit.


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The same mouth-breathing fascists who killed this bill were just in a tizzy about how badly their people were treated by the Capitol police when they decided to throw a riot last January.


Regrettably, Senate Republicans rejected enacting modest reforms…


Agreed. Imagine what we could do if we had flipped Maine in 2020. We need to keep fighting the Senate is a long game now.


props to Senators Booker and Bass for standing firm and holding a line. sad that it came to this, but really, the GOP only pays lip service to this sort of thing, so nobody is going to be surprised.


The white supremacist Senate Republicans were never going to weaken their donors’ guard labour. Absent any reform, we’ll see more of the “underserving” being murdered like Floyd was, followed by more summers of unrest. Which, I supposed, fits nicely into the death cult’s plans.



Michigan has 2 Democratic senators. It ain’t us.


To assume bi-partisan support of anything beyond congressional pay raises is folly.

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Clearly we need to get rid of a significant number of GOP senators. Rid of.

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Well, it’s literally impossible to accomplish anything in a “bipartisan” manner when one party is actively engaged in trying to destroy the country. Any time the GOP has any power at all, they use it to screw people. When the Democrats get power, they use it to compromise with people who are genuinely enemies of the country. It’s time to just start doing things & let the Republicans whine about it.



One set of rules would dictate how the police largely treat people with a lot of melanin, and the other is about how one white ex-military republican was treated.

Clearly whatever she was doing must have been a good thing, while you can pretty much bet that all of those people would have been fine had they just listened to the good police. (I regret having to place the /s tag (I mean, isn’t it blatantly obvious?), but some fucker will jump down my throat about the fascist insensitive post if I don’t…)

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Yes it is indeed working as intended.
There is a nice graph on this very site today showing the results from the German election in which 6 parties are expected to talk about who forms the next government.
That is what a democracy looks like.

‘Bipartisan’… that’s the problem, right there. It doesn’t take much in the way of brains or simple awareness of Reality, that the FDC will never ‘reform’ police.
After all, the cops protect the FDC politicans’ owners from the rabble.

Oh, yeah, can’t have accountability, now can we. And cops are already in fear for their lives on the job every day! Denying them immunity for their actions would amount to a Sword of Damocles! How could they possibly cope under such inhumane work conditions? Chokeholds are a valuable tool used on the hardened, homicidal criminals the Thin Blue Line deals with constantly.
Next they will have to turn in their guns!

No surprise there. I think Manchin, etc. are just using ‘bipartisanship’ as an excuse to avoid dealing with bills they have no intention of voting for.

The Dems have got to start proposing bills that have not only the Kitchen Sink, but the whole damn kitchen… if not a whole-house remodel… then negotiate down to what they really want, & no less.
Instead, what they really want is the starting point…


The Dems want to be the only sane people in the room, and they are. And while I respect that, I also know that they’re failing to take into account that their opponents are foaming-at-the-mouth rabid.