Over-accelerate much? Enjoy this smashing video

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Gotta go fast!

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Looks to me like they may have mistaken the brake and accelerator. The fact they continue to move after hitting the parked car is consistent with mashing the accelerator when expecting braking.


Got to be more to it than that. In this kind of narrow parking you just don’t drive reverse or forward to get out. You actually have to coordinate hands/brain/feet and turn the vehicle appropriately. Didn’t see that happening. Should this person be driving at all? That said, I do often see people in supermarket carparks making stupid maneuvers to get on their way.

Probably shouldn’t be driving, no. But if you’re twisting around in your seat to look behind, it is possible you get your feet out of position and hit the gas expecting the brake, and when something unexpected happens you mash the brake - but it’s the accelerator.

This sort of thing seems to happen all the time - just google ‘car hits building’ for a shocking amount of bad driving, many of which involve the exact scenario I posited above…

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